Happy New Month! The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at least to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.


Situated two miles from Nyahururu town, Thompson falls is a 74 m picturesque waterfall on the Ewaso Nyiro River, draining from the Aberdares ranges. It is said to be named after Joseph Thompson; the first European to set foot at the falls in 1883. He was a Scottish geologist and naturalist who visited many other tourist destinations of today in Eastern Africa. The falls offers a beautiful view from above, as well as a trail to the bottom of the ravine for more breathtaking experiences.

Starting off from Nairobi at 8 o’clock in the morning, we made our way to Nyahururu in the company of various groups under the Keitan safaris’ tours and travels. Our first stop over was the Infamous Rift valley view point, to catch a glimpse of the valley below under the morning sun after which we stopped by the old Italian church at Mai mahiu, to appreciate the ancient architectural finesse; always worth visiting. We then proceeded all the way to Nyahururu town where our group had to take lunch before heading to Thompson falls.

On arrival at the Thompson falls, at around 1 pm we were met with a beautiful infusion of African culture; traditionally dressed kikuyu men and women who shared with us wonderful facts about their tribe and took photos with us to capture the lovely memory. We then took on the exciting trail to the bottom of the falls. The route is filled with rocks and the experience is akin to a hike. Therefore, it is advisable to walk in comfortable sport shoes or sneakers as flat shoes tend to cause huge inconveniences, the rocks slippery and could cause small accidents such as tripping or worse. Viola was unfortunate to trip and fall just because of the wrong shoes call she made this day.

I would highly recommend one to dress in tights or otherwise preferable cozy clothing. The trail is both exhilarating and involving, it is therefore best to ensure your attire doesn’t limit your fun. However, one can still enjoy the scenery from above without reaching the bottom, aesthetics over adrenalin rush and excitement, depending on your version of adventure. The view below is one to die for and the experience can only be more invigorating for tourists and local visitors. We then got back to the top where our group had an opportunity to buy some of the artistic crafts that were being sold at the curio shops within the falls vicinity.

In proximity to the falls are various hotels and lodges, for instance the Thompson falls lodge and The Panari Resort where one can get accommodation and great food at their convenience. A few of us were able to indulge in quad biking, tapping into our fun and childhood inner selves. We then left the falls at 4 pm in the evening, proceeded to Lalanasi Lodge to spend the night.



Lalanasi Lodge offers space for camping, with tents and other bedding for those interested in camping. As Nyahururu is quite cold especially at night, it is advisable to carry extra blankets, and a pillow for ensured comfort. There is also an option for elegant rooms that the hotel provides if one would rather opt out of the camping plan. Thereafter, followed a period of sharing over a sumptuous dinner, a bonfire outside and several indoor games. We then had a salsa dance session till late while other groups shared moments over the bonfire.

kenyan camping site

quad bike

The following morning ensured a variety of fun activities provided at Lalanasi Lodge such as quad biking, boat riding, indoor games as well as cycling. What ensued thereafter was our trip to Tafaria castle (next blog post) at 1pm after devouring the lunch that was served to us.

Whenever we travel, when reflecting about it, the entire experience can only be summarized in one word. Thompson falls I would say was unique and revitalizing. The environment, the misty dense forest below, the culture and of course the beautiful company all factored in the success of the day, something that cannot be forgotten. It was certainly an amazing encounter for us all.

Keitan Safaris is a Kenyan Tours and Travel Company run by Kevin Owino alias Keitan, a 24-year-old entrepreneur. His Safaris offers a unique theme to “Birthday Babies’’ throughout the year. Besides celebrating the birthdays, he offers destinations far and wide with activities ranging from hikes, camps, zip lining, boat riding, swimming, archery, paint balling, sky walking among all other activities you can think of. He has incorporated photography in his tours to support his tag line: We thrive on creating memories. We attribute this post to Keitan Safaris and the entire team that travelled with us.

Written by Esther Opiyo @ess_opiyo on Instagram
Photography by @mianophotography and Brent Focus