Halfway into our trip, we were met by the scenic, infamous Tafaria castle. This last stop over after staying at Lalanasi Lodge, would mark a very cheerful and exhilarating experience for us and the Keitan safaris team.

The castle is a 29-room lodge surrounded by other cottages outside it, overlooking the Arberdare range, Laikipia plains and of course the Mount Kenya. Its remote location in addition to its archaic and medieval architecture provides an adventurous ambience for both local people and fun seeking tourists. The choice is yours; whether you would love to be accommodated inside the castle or outside.

The view, you might be curious…Breathtaking. The castle offers a comfortable outside experience. We were received warmly by the staff on arrival at 2 pm in the afternoon. We were able to engage in a number of thrilling activities offered at the castle; we had a swimming session, bicycle riding, enjoyed several horse rides as well as riding on chariots that is exclusively provided by the castle, and of course an inclusive team bonding session.

Despite being able to experience the outside, we had great interest in exploring the ins of the castle going by the reviews we had viewed online. Nonetheless, our initial attempts to reach out to the management to be able to feature the inside of the castle were not as successful, regardless of the interesting indoor features of the castle that we intended on capturing. Perhaps, the element of surprise will have you, our reader visiting the castle sooner. We can definitely recommend the outdoor experience for a family vacation or other social activities.

The activities that ensued thereafter included sharing, and interaction sessions within our travel group. We were able to mark the birthday babies, with a blissful cake cutting session. Keitan safaris themed purpose being to make monthly visits to exciting areas in Kenya, and celebrating each birthday month in style, it’s safe to say this last session sealed the February deal and we achieved both of these objectives.

The day was successful, special thanks to Keitan safaris who have been with us throughout these exciting adventures. It’s always a delightful experience for every member of our teams. In addition to this, Keitan safaris will be taking on the next few month’s activities, if you are a fun loving and adventurous soul, be sure to join us on the next set of activities we have planned out. The updates are provided below;

Zip line 4th March (only four slots available)

Samburu Easter Gate away- eleven open slots available

Longonot hike 11th March 19 open slots

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We thrive in creating memories!

Article written by Esther Opiyo @ess_opiyo, Instagram.

Photography by @mianophotography.