Nature’s peace flows into you as sunshine flows into trees!

Paradise lost as the name heralds is a spectacle to behold. It is located in Kiambu County, roughly 11km from the Nairobi city center. The scenery is breath taking and takes you aback when you first set eyes upon it. The most exquisite feature is the Paradise Lost caves.

These caves were lived by our forefathers during the pre-colonial period. They are presumed to be a little over 2.5million years and were used by the Mau Mau fighters. We were privileged to have a walk in them. It is really dark inside but they are lit up artificially to offer visitors a view of the inside.

The entrance of the cave is sheltered by a waterfall. It flows so gently over the unique rock formation, bringing one to a place of peace and tranquility with the surroundings. As we enjoyed the offers nature laid to us, the tour guide gave us a detailed talk on the history of the site and how the Mau Mau fighters survived in the caves.

The scenery offers an enormity of attractions and fun filled activities for families, teams, friends or spouses. These activities cater for children and adults alike. They include: bird watching, fishing, boat riding, horse riding and camel riding. These activities are optional to visitors. We managed to do a boat ride and horse riding, which were thrilling activities.

There is the option of rowing the boats yourself or being assisted. We were provided with all the gear needed for this activity. Being an oasis in the middle of a coffee farm, one gets to have the feel of the fresh air and breath-taking views. It was quite relaxing and refreshing for us. We felt our lungs inflate with the onrush of the scenery- air, waterfalls, vegetation, people.

There is also a playground for children equipped with slides, swings and face painting activities that accommodate children.

A unique activity to indulge in is Camping and picnics around the lake’s grounds which are also very popular. We noticed there were a lot of people who were holding barbecue parties and team building activities. Paradise lost does not offer a restaurant within its premises. However, seats and tables are made available to visitors. Visitors are allowed their food and drinks for an ultimate experience. The facilities and range of activities presents the scenery as a good place to have a weekend getaway for team building, family gatherings, reunions, birthdays among other things you could do.


Above all this comes at the least expense, at this time of writing:

  1. Entrance fee is Ksh. 250 for children and Ksh. 300 for adults.  
  2. Camel and horse riding at Ksh. 100.
  3. Boat riding at Ksh. 200.
  4. Viewing caves at Ksh. 200.
  5. Campers are also charged Ksh 600 per person per night with a tent provided by the Paradise Lost establishment. Along with this, blankets, a mattress and security are also made available.


To get here from the city center, Matatu number 100 is taken from the city bus station. The fare ranges from Ksh 60 – Ksh 100 on off peak and peak hours respectively. Alternatively, an Uber ride costs between Ksh.800 and Ksh 1200.

By private means, use Muthaiga Road till you reach its roundabout. Turn left on to Kiambu Road where the main entrance is visibly indicated on a sign post.

The experience we had was amazing. The staff are quite warm and are competent in their work. At no point do they ignore their visitors. Once again, this is an adventure we would advise all of you to indulge in. Then will you realize that heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads!

Written by Esther Opio