Hell’s Gate National Park is located in Naivasha. This was our destination with Keitan Safaris and Company. Arriving here, we were not quite sure of what to expect but that is the fun of adventure. You never know what to expect.

The National Park offers you a breath-taking scenery with a remarkable unique landscape and diverse wildlife. The amazing scenery is attributed to the Fishers Tower, the Central and the Park’s Gorge.

Going into the National Park for a game drive, you are assigned a guide who will give you detailed information on the history of the scenery and the species of animals found within. If you don’t fancy driving into the park, there are bicycles available for hire. The game drive is about 2km. However, if you take that option you should be ready to brace yourself for sand storm from the vehicles using the path.

We were fortunate to spot a variety of wildlife such as: Buffaloes, antelopes, savanna baboons, warthogs, Thompson and Grand gazelles, Impalas, Zebras, giraffes and different species of birds. One can make stop-overs for pictures with some of these animals at the background with some caution!

There is a nature trail, with some relatively mild hiking as you observe the unique landscape, vegetation and for photography.

The park also boasts an adventurous rock climbing trail at The Fischer’s and Central Tower. These are volcanic plugs. The Fischer’s tower is about 25m tall (5feet). One can knock themselves out even for hours. A guide is provided for this activity as well. This is a great opportunity for climbing fanatics and for one to test their mettle against the spire.

In addition, there is a camping site within the park on the rocks but you have to bring along your own tents.

After experiencing all these, we set out for an expedition (hike) at the lower gorge that took us close to two hours to complete. The gorge runs through the heart of the park and is a wide, deep valley hemmed in by sheer, rusty-hued rocks. The serenity of this hike is a real treat. We had a first -hand geological experience of beauty and function, eroded walls so narrow that they block out the sky, hot water springs, rock formations and picnic sites. While having this walk, care and caution should be taken as the floors at some points are very slippery. Also, having a guide is important to equip you with some skills in climbing and penetrating the rocks.

It is fit to visit the park all year round. However, during the rainy season it is not advisable to visit the lower gorge since there is the risk of flashfloods.


Within the park’s boundaries is the Olkaria Geothermal station. After our relatively mild hiking experience, we set out to refresh ourselves at the Olkaria Geothermal Spa.

Fun fact: This spa is a first of its kind in Africa!

This is a must do activity for those who opt for rock climbing and biking throughout their visit. The first thing that captured our attention was the expansive main pool. You would think it is a small lake! The pool is entirely made out of steel troweled concrete since the natural minerals cannot allow the use of ceramic tiles.

The water feels heavenly on the skin. Besides the recreation, the water offers therapeutic swimming. You will be privileged to relax, refresh and revitalize your minds, bodies and soul! It is the kind of place we would term as a gift from mother nature. It is very impossible not to forget your worries in this lagoon.

Alternatively, one can choose to enjoy the clean, crisp and cool air as they watch the day glide by. The spa is family friendly. There is a small pool and playground for the children.

The premises also boast a restaurant, a bar, halls and manicured grounds to support meetings, retreats, team building and special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, photoshoots, graduation parties among all other fun activities one could think of.


The charges you will incur, at this time of writing, when you set to visit Hell’s gate National Park and the Olkaria Geothermal Spa are as follows:


1.      Citizens ( Adults)

2.      Citizens (Children)

3.      Residents (Adults)

4.      Residents (Children)

5.      Non- Residents (Adults)

6.      Non- Residents (Children)








USD 20


1.      Citizens (Adults)

2.      Citizens (Children)

3.      Residents (Adults)

4.      Residents (Children)

5.      Non-residents (Adults)

6.      Non- residents (Children)

7.      Group of students (under 18)











NB: 1. Hiring of bicycles, costumes and towels are optional as one can their own.

  1. In order to visit the spa, you will have to part with the park entrance fee.
  2. Whether or not you will be swimming in the spa, you will have to pay the entrance fee for the spa.

Our experience on this day was beautiful and unique. Be sure to have appropriate attire and shoes for the rocky nature trail and climbing. Additional items you could carry with you are sunscreens, sun glasses, bottles of water, glucose and hats.

Our guide for the day was Mr. Bernard, a middle- aged man who has his facts at the tip of his fingers. He is a very patient guide and we would recommend him for your tour.

In the event that you opt for other means other than your private means, we would recommend the use of a Kenyan Safari and Travel Company, for convenience and discounts. We attribute this post and experience to Keitan Safaris, who was our Sponsor, and the entire company we had while at it.

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Article by Esther Opiyo (@ess_opiyo on Instagram)
Photography by Miano Photography (@mianophotography on Instagram)
and Brent Focus (@4ocus_photography on Instagram)