Our desire for adventure does not subside regardless of the other multiple activities we engage in every other time. This time around we decided to have a feel of the outskirts of our city. Our destination was the Machakos People’s Park which is located in Machakos County, roughly a 1 ¼ hour’s drive from Nairobi.

Getting to Machakos People’s Park is easy. You can either use public or private means of transport. Public means of transport can be found at Railways stage and will only cost you ksh. 200.

Ever dreamt of spending an entire day in a serene environment away from the noisy city? Then look no farther than this popular destination. It is an exceptionally beautiful park with a calming aura, both factors making it a suitable environment for you to relax.

Entry is free.

There are amazing restaurants in the Park. One of which we ate at.

The other amazing thing about this place is that you can have a picnic inside the park which means you can also carry your own food to the park without any restrictions.

Despite its extensiveness and the fact that it is one of the largest parks in Kenya, Machakos Peoples Park remains a secure place. There are CCTVs and a police post inside the park.

It’s a nice get-away place for couples and a highly recommendable hang out place for friends. We would also highly recommend Machakos People’s Park for a family outing.

The park is also an ideal place for children as it included a children’s playing area when it was being developed. The activities at the playing area keep children entertained throughout their stay. What better way to have fun than with fun rides, trampoline, zip line, and other ridiculously fun activities! In comparison to other places, the activities’ prices are quite affordable. No kid would hate it there.

There is also a man-made lake right at the parks outer boundary where one can take a boat ride. This is one of the activities we took part in at the park and it was super enjoyable especially because the weather was so beautiful hence making the boat ride very peaceful.

Boat ride for adults is ksh. 250 and for children is ksh. 50

One thing we must say though, we were really looking forward to doing the zip line but this did not happen because we visited the park on Friday yet the zip line activity only takes place on Saturday and Sunday. This was such a disappointment for us, but there was only so much we could do. Therefore we would advice that if you would want to try out the zip line experience, visit the park on either Saturday or Sunday. Hopefully we shall be able to go back there soon on a Saturday or Sunday so as to be able to do the zip line.


The park features a field amphitheatre for live performances.

The park is well lit and you need not worry about staying in the park once night falls.

photography by @jayden_kamau_jk (instagram)