Quad biking is hands down one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities!

We have had the pleasure of experiencing the thrill that comes with quad bikes at the outdoor race track overlooking the Ngong Hills at Galleria Shopping Mall.

To get to Galleria Shopping Mall, you can use a personal car or board a Matatu.

They provide over 20 modern types of quad bikes that are pretty easy to drive around so, be sure that you won’t spend an entire day pottering around in first gear.

quad bike

Before our exciting experience, an instructor gave us a number of instructions and thereafter we were provided with helmets, goggles and overalls to cover our clothing before we sat up the bikes we chose.

Quad biking is a great low-cost experience; One that we would advise any youth to try out. Chances are that it won’t be a one-time thing; the thrill will keep you yearning for such, every weekend.

It is even more exciting when you go for quad biking as a family. Forget the family lunches and dinners for once and experience fun and laughter at a different setting.

Couples and friends can also create memories at this place. Whatever the age!

One of the good things about going quad biking is that, it is on the same grounds where the mall is situated. Therefore, you can take advantage of their services instead of looking for the same elsewhere. For example at the mall there’s a chemist, drycleaners, branches of banks such as NIC and Stanbic and Nairobi hospital branch is there too. You can also go for shopping at the supermarket.

Also, after the rides you can save yourselves the hustle of looking for a restaurant outside by having a treat or meal at Nairobi Java House, Artcaffe, Planet Yoghurt or KFC which are all found in Galleria.

Do not hesitate trying this out. Quad Biking is totally awesome and it will give you that very much needed adrenaline for a very long time.

Quick Note; to take part in the quad biking experience you only need ksh 1000 for 20 minutes per person.