“The archer is the true weapon; the bow is just a long piece of wood!”

Eye on targetNairobi Archery club is located along Marula lane, Karen. Open every weekend from 10am till 6pm, Nairobi Archery Club offers the joys of archery to the community at affordable rates for beginners and experienced persons as a great recreational sport.

The experience at the club was thrilling. When we got there, as we had no experience whatsoever in archery, we were taken through a fifteen-minute lesson: how to hold the bow and arrow, how to shoot, when to shoot, how to aim and when to take a shot. The lesson was quite thorough. After the lesson, you sign an agreement form to ascertain that you have been taken through the lessons and you are liable for any damages that may be incurred.

At first attempt, it was daunting to shoot. However, as we progressed it became easier, thrilling and fun. The whole exercise also almost felt like we were working out.  By the time we finished, we experienced some aches all over our bodies! It was the kind of good ache though; one that our bodies might have needed for the weekend.

Nairobi archery offers training sessions for anyone above 8 years, inclusive of the equipment. Also, annual membership is offered to children as well as adults. Each month, these members go against each other in the field targets and the winner gets to walk away with the trophy.

The club is suited with 3D animal and field targets and the range sighted to create a complete experience to every type of archer.  The organization strives not only to encourage archery as a recreational sport, but also to establish bonds between people from all walks of life.

We enjoyed our archery experience and if you have been contemplating on taking it as a sport, look no further! Nairobi Archery Club is the place to be!


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Written by Esther Opiyo, @ess_opiyo on Instagram.

Photography by @mianophotography.