“National parks and reserves are an integral aspect of intelligent use of natural resources, ensuring that future generations may know the majesty of earth as we know it today.’’J.F.Kennedy

The Nairobi Animal Orphanage is located along Langata Road, adjacent to Nairobi National Park.

We decided to wind up our day by visiting the orphanage going by the desire to have an up close view of more wildlife.

The experience at the animal orphanage is more of a nature trail. You get to roam freely around the park as you view the animals. We expected to have been allocated a tour guide, but unfortunately we were not. In our opinion tour guides really do make a difference in such tours. For instance, you get to learn more about animal behavior amongst other things from them. It was a downside for us not to have one. However, this did not bar us from having a great time.

The animals are caged.


On their cages are descriptions of them and a little story of how they were rescued. It was also quite interesting to see the animals’ names written in Swahili!

We managed to see the Lion, Cheetahs, Leopards, Crocodiles and some birds! We must admit, as much as viewing the animals in their cages was incredibly thrilling, the sight of the King of the jungle made our hearts skip a bit! But, it was a great experience.

The Animal Orphanage is a great place to be with family, especially with children. The kids get to have an up close view of wildlife that they learn about in school. It’s also a very nice place to go with a couple of friends or just a friend.

The entrance fee, at this time of writing, to the park is Ksh 215 for Kenyan citizens, Ksh 300 for residents and  Ksh2100 for non-citizens (nonresidents). It is important for you to have your National Identification Card or your Residential permit for you to part with the friendly charges!

The weather varies all year round.

  • January -March : Hot and dry
  • April – June: Hot and wet
  • July -October: Warm and wet.

However, the national park is fit to visit all year round! Going by the month you want to visit the park, you can always pick the best outfit for the trail.

It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed every second of it. Viewing these animals was more than recreation, it was inspirational. Needless to say, wildlife is indeed a symbol of a rich nation!

Written by Esther Opiyo (ess_opiyo) on instagram

Photography by Tony  (pixelinc photography) on instagram