“When you explore your fears, then you set yourself free.”


Mamba village adopts its name from the fact that “Mamba” is the Swahili name for crocodiles; and it is a home to over 70 Nile crocodiles in a natural paradise spread over thirty acres. It is located in Karen about 13km from the city.

We always get a warm welcome from the staff that receives us. Just to mention, the Kenyan staff are very courteous and they will always ooze brilliance and comfort to whatever site you will visit. The mamba village is a good place to visit to see crocodiles, ostriches and tortoises in Nairobi. There is also a restaurant where you can enjoy tasty meals after a tour around the village. The area also boasts a well-maintained and exquisite garden that can be used for weddings, graduations, birthdays, photoshoots and team building.

At the crocodile pen, the adult crocodiles (above the age of 19) are separated from the teenage crocodiles (12 to 19 years) and baby crocodiles. We challenged ourselves to hold the crocodiles and the tortoises. Trust, it was a scary experience considering our phobia! We were also furnished with detailed information concerning the Nile crocodiles. Among the interesting facts were that crocodiles live from 70-100 years, the tails and legs are the only edible parts of a crocodile and it is white meat, most say it’s a taste between chicken and fish. They lay once a year (20-90 eggs) and it takes 3 months for the eggs to hatch. Also, the front legs have five fingers each and the hind have four fingers each. When the temperatures are high, crocodiles are very active and when the temperatures are low, crocodiles are lazy. Crocodiles only have 66 canines. Another interesting fact is that when the crocodiles are swimming, their eyes, nostril and ears are always above the water

At the ostrich farm, to our disappointment, there were only two ostriches over the extensive area. However, with an amazing integration of nature and activities, visitors are able to feed these flightless animals from their hand. In addition, you can also enjoy a guided tour around the lake where a special kind of boat rides occurs. Special because, it feels like cycling over the water!

Our Mamba village excursion was a daring one for us. We have an unforgiving phobia towards reptiles. Being able to conquer this fear was such a huge deal for us and we are very proud of ourselves.

The following are the charges you will part with if you so do wish to visit Mamba village:

Non- resident adults Ksh. 1400
Non- resident kids Ksh. 500
Resident Adults Ksh. 250
Resident kids Ksh. 150
Citizen adults Ksh. 150
Citizen kids Ksh. 100


It is vital that you carry along your proof of residency. That is, your national ID, alien/resident/ diplomat ID or a student ID

Crocodile eggs



Written by Esther Opiyo, @ess_opiyo on Instagram.

Photography by @mianophotography.