Located near the Railways Sports Club Off  Uhuru Highway in Nairobi is what we would like to call Kenya’s ‘Disney World’. We began referring this to Lunar Park on seeing that it encompasses a medley of recreational activities. It is a bit too obvious that it is not up to the standards of Disney World or other amusement parks that may be found in different parts of the world, especially the first world countries but we guaranteethis is one of those places in Kenya that is extremely fun to be at. Some of the activities offered at Lunar Park include; different kinds of merry-go round machines, Electric Car Ride, Banana (swivel)Boat Ride, Boat riding in a mini shallow pool and a Train ride.

Entry into the amusement park is free. However, the above mentioned activities have their own fee depending on the season.

Barely will you find any activity that costs more than Ksh 300.

Anyone can go to Lunar Park including adults. In fact, there are fun activities that adults can take part in. The only factor that can deter one from experiencing the thrill of some of the activities is age. This is because, only children below the age of 13 can fit into some of the machines and facilities.

Moreover, if you are tired of hosting people at your home for birthdays because of the tiresome planning you put in it or perhaps you would prefer a change of venue for your kid’s birthday, then we highly recommend Lunar Park as a venue. Be it yours or your child’s birthday. With the assortment of activities and well maintained grounds, one can invite up to 30 people for their birthday.

It is also a perfect place for friends, best friends and couples too to have an extra fun hangout activity. The adrenaline you get from some of the activities offered is the best part of everything.

Furthermore its an awesome place for a school treat or trip considering kids love a variety of fun activities to engage in.

For anyone accompanying anyone taking part in the activities but would not like to take part in the activities themselves for their well known reasons, for example medical reasons, there are places for them to sit and watch those taking part in different amusements.

You will also find a food court where you and your best friend, friends or spouse will be served with drinks and food. As we mentioned earlier, it is a place for all!

We have shared pictures of our experience at the park and some pictures of the venue hoping that they will be able to motivate you even more to visit the place.

Quick Note: It is open all through the week from morning till 6:00 pm.

PHOTOS BY @mianophotography (Instagram)