Our first visit was way better than we had expected. Before we actually set foot at the KICC, we did our research on the web. We discovered that the helipad is actually open for the public.

The KICC is located at the Central Business District of Nairobi, a factor which makes it easy to access. The two of us therefore headed there having noted the important requirement. One only needs an identification card and Ksh.150 if Kenyan. As for anyone who is a foreigner, it costs ksh.400.

Quick Note: The above costs are only for individuals interested in going to the helipad. Entry to the KICC is free. Only an identification card is required.

All we did for a large percentage of the time was gaze at the breath taking view of the horizon. Anyone who has been to the helipad would agree with us that the skyline and view of almost all of Nairobi city is just perfect from that height.

Age is not a determinant of who can and cannot go up to the helipad as long as one is healthy enough and willing to. For the ladies who wear heels whenever you leave the house, it would be best if you carried a pair of flat shoes to wear before you climb the flight of stairs.

It is one of the best places to go on picnics too. You can carry your mat or kikoi and enjoy a beautiful picnic with your loved ones be it a spouse, friend, group of friends or your entire family.

Birthdays are most definitely best enjoyed at the helipad. One can have theirs with a reasonable number of friends ranging between 3 and 20. You can snack and cake the cake as the party photographer captures good shots of the small party.

Interested parties can actually shoot a music video or a scene of a movie at the helipad. There is definitely an extra cost for that but it is totally worth it! Remember Sauti Sol’s Live and Die in Afrika?

In case you are scared of heights, you can experience more of KICC by perhaps having a meal or snack at a restaurant. Dinner or lunch with a loved one would be a good idea. Better yet, surprise your loved one on one of these fine days by taking them to one of the restaurants found inside the KICC. 99.9% chances are that they will love it!

We also enjoyed the site of the fountains at the KICC grounds. To be specific, very beautiful fountains! Most people who are not even into photos find themselves posing near them. That is how much of an attraction they are.

As much as we are trying to limit ourselves to domestic tourism, it is fine to mention the solid fact that Kenyatta International Convention Centre is a highly respectable centre where international events and activities take place including exhibitions, conferences and meetings.

YOU should set a date to visit the KICC helipad. You will be amazed by how stunning our city is. Afterwards, a snack in one of the restaurants would do you good. Trust us!

PHOTOS BY @mianophotography (Instagram)