If anybody were to ask us to jot down a list of awesome places to tour in Kenya, the Giraffe Centre would be among the places that scoop one of the top honours!

The centre was started as a programme of protecting endangered Rothschild Giraffes by Leslie-Melville & his wife and over the years it grew successful urging the centre to provide environmental education to the youth. It promotes awareness for the need for us to conserve endangered species in Kenya.

The giraffe centre is located in Karen, Nairobi. It’s easy to access by road. For those who would prefer to use public means of transport, all you need to do is, board a Matatu along Luthuli Avenue (Matatu No. 24). Board the Matatu at Bus Station (BS) near Afya Centre, at Kencom.

Quick Note: The Giraffe centre is usually open daily and has reasonable entry charges. Khs. 150 for children and Ksh.250 only for adults. Opening hours are from 9:00am to 5:30pm.

Our first visit to the giraffe Centre was absolutely incredible!

We were engaged in a number of activities including petting some of the giraffes found at the centre. Like every other tourist, we had adrenaline rush when it came to feeding the tall spotted animals. As much as the giraffes are calm and graceful, seeing them up close and stretching to feed them gave us jitters. However, it is funny how eventually one gets over their fear and actually becomes reluctant to leave the giraffes section.

We had the privilege of learning a lot about the giraffes. Like, did you know that male giraffes are usually able to check a female’s fertility? How? By tasting the female’s urine!

There are very friendly tour guides to teach you all about the giraffes, patiently listen to your questions and answer you in the best way possible. You’ll probably discover that you’ll become quite inquisitive when you ease up during your tour. The tour guides are also the ones to assist you in feeding the giraffes and actually show you around because a part from giraffes, the centre is also a home for a couple of warthogs and tortoises.

We enjoyed a scrumptious meal at the restaurant within the tourist site. The beauty of it is the fact that, the delicacies are totally affordable.

Anyone would be completely comfortable spending an entire day at the Giraffe centre. It’s a good place to visit with family or friends and also an ideal place to tour as a couple especially if you would like to break the routine of meeting at restaurants or at the movies. It is also a fun place for a school-trip. However, an important thing to note is that, it is a requirement that bookings be made prior to taking the trip and for anyone interested in watching documentaries about animals.

We cannot fail to mention the Nature walk.

Anyone who decides to tour the giraffe centre will have the opportunity and privilege of ACTUAL ADVENTURE. There is a nature trail with drawn signs that you can follow without a tour guide. It’s a safe trail so don’t freak out about the idea. You will get to hear the thrilling sounds of insects and chirping birds as you trek along. At the same time you and whoever you would love to experience this with will enjoy the sight and sound of miniature waterfalls. The natural environment is indeed spectacular.

Our visit was totally worth it were it not for unavoidable circumstances, we would have gladly stayed longer.

This is a must-go-to place!

PHOTOGRAPHY BY @mianophotography (INSTAGRAM)