“It is in the compelling zest of high adventure and of high victory, and in creative action that man finds his supreme joys.” ~ Antoine De Saint.

Most people know Climb Blue Sky as a gym. However, here is some good news, there is an indoors rock climbing arena!

As usual, we went through the web, curious enough to discover an indoors rock climbing arena in the city. Probably we felt it was our time to test our fitness levels, in a fun way having been hitting the gym all year round in 2016. How lucky could we be! Climb blue sky is at Diamond Plaza, parklands road.

It was a worthwhile experience. Here is a place where you can go with your family inclusive of kids, spouse and bunch of friends (rather than the usual birthday parties you hold, why not try an activity that could engrave memories away from the ordinary?).

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a team building experience this is a place to definitely try out!

There are multiple climbing walls and overhangs, offering routes for beginners as well as hardcore climbers. Therefore, do not sulk over not having the skills. Climb blue sky staff got you! They are very friendly and helpful. They will help you how to navigate your ascent, helping you decide where to place your hands and feet as you climb higher up the ‘hill’. You are under constant watch, thus very safe.

Here are some real quick tips: make sure you are able to take direction and work really hard to get your hand or foot to the next hold. While descending, hold the rope with both hands and rappel down the wall. Trust, it is really simple! Just follow the instructions.

You really have to brace yourself though, for some body pains.

While at it, be sure to be in sporty wear. You can always slide into a vest, a pair of tights and comfortable sneakers. Just in case you lack sneakers, you can hire shoes at 400/- only.

Climb blue sky usually organizes the real rock climbing experience at Hell’s gate. If you have been in search for an experience, please do visit the place!

Climb blue sky opens from 4pm- 9pm (weekdays, except on Thursdays when the gym is closed at 11pm), on Saturday it opens from 12pm to 9pm and on Sundays it’s open from 10 am to 6pm. At this time of writing, a day pass is only Ksh800 for both adults and kids. This is a great place to spend your afternoon or evening in the company of loved ones!

“The big question is whether you are going to say yes to a hearty yes to your adventure.”~ Joseph Campbell.

Climb blue sky is an adventure that deserves a hearty yes!

For more information kindly visit www.blueskykenya.org/climb


Written by Esther Opiyo (ess_opiyo) on instagram

Photography by pixelinc photography on instagram and Brian Ochi (brianbrymoochii) on instagram