The Panari Hotel in Nairobi is conveniently located five kilometers away from Nairobi`s Central business district and perhaps not coincidentally located just five kilometers away from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The Panari Hotel holds the Panari Sky Center which hosts among other things, malls and the most popular of its facilities the Ice Rink.

The ice rink was our choice of adventure this time around and like we did for GP-karting, we made up our minds to go ice skating with our sisters Qillian and Rahma.

Ladies and gentlemen, the kind of good time one gets to experience at the ice rink is hard to define. This is a place worth checking out!

Entry is KSH 800 for adults and KSH 600 for children.

The entry fee is inclusive of the time you’ll spend on the arena (which is a maximum of 1 hour) and the skating boots.

Once you get to the ice rink you are expected to read the rules and regulations provided. This is a must-do! As boring as that may sound, you should have in mind that it’s for your own good.

At the ice rink, it is not about showing off but having fun with friends and family! Besides that, everybody has to start somewhere, right?

We had been to the ice rink before, but on this day, it is only Qillian who had an easy time on the ice. This is because she has gone skating not just twice but many times before. The rest of us had to sort of start a fresh in learning.

There are trainers available who are patient and great at teaching people how to skate at the ice rink.

Once you skate for, say half an hour, you will gain confidence in yourself and feel even more psyched to skate. It’s not written in any book that first timers have to fall many times before they learn how to skate. There are people who are fast learners.

Of course, at first it may be difficult to balance and feel confident in yourself on the ice rink but, with time, you will love every moment of it. We can attest to that! Kids appear to learn the basic skills of skating much faster than adults, perhaps because they are more adventurous.

For those interested in continuous lessons: Ice skating lessons at a rate of Kshs.6, 000/- per person for 6 lessons. All classes are 60 minutes.

Quick Tip: You need to wear warm clothes when you go ice-skating.

However, you need to note of the fact that, it’s only cold at the beginning. Once you have skated for a couple of minutes, your body will feel warm and need may arise for you to remove the heavy clothing. Therefore, have layers of clothes that are easy to remove after minutes of skating.

Also, it is advisable for children to wear gloves.

Ice skating is a beautiful activity to take up as a couple or in groups of either family or friends. It is an ideal choice for birthday parties, squad hangouts and generally as a way of passing time. The ice rink can also be reserved for private parties or functions with prior notice.

It’s fun and different from the usual kinds of activities.

Good skaters have the most fun since they have less to worry about. You too can go learn and in the long run discover a new hobby.

The ice arena is open all week and you can check in between 11am and 10pm.

Panari Sky Centre welcomes tourists and locals to play hockey on Wednesday nights 9pm until 10pm (warm up for hockey begins at 7pm) and also Sunday’s at 9am to 10am.

Besides the ice rink the Panari hotel features 3 restaurants where you and your friends or family can enjoy from light to heavy meals at very affordable prices. Present, are also two theaters with a seating capacity of 194 each, food courts and a kids’ corner that accommodates kids from two and a half years. There are exciting facilities such as bouncy castles, bull ride, hover boards, air hockey, crazy hen, bumper cars, doll catcher and mini basket ball.

This is a place, you would not want to NOT visit.



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