Disclaimer: Yasmine could not make it for this excursion as she had her exams. I, therefore took along my sister Qillian.

Day 1: Introduction and Familiarization.

Arriving at the camp around 12 noon, we were welcomed by an amazing team of staff. A drive to Mbweha camp would take one approximately 2 hours from Nairobi. Our journey, however, took longer because we chose to marvel over sceneries along the Naivasha- Nakuru Highway.

The staff welcomed us with an in- house drink at the inviting and charming lounge; something we needed after our long journey and the overhead sun, after which we were shown to our cottages.

The unique thing about these cottages is that they are designed to fit different customer needs: families, a group of friends, an individual, name it. They are spacious, fitted with hot showers, bathtubs, charming dΓ©cor and an African Spirit ; such Β pampering rooms to sleep and wake up in.

Later, we had our sumptuous lunch at the indoor dining area and then a brief nature walk.



A sundowner overlooking Lake Nakuru National Park was to be our next experience. However, it rained heavily in the afternoon and we missed this chance. Mbweha camp offers one a drink of their choice as they watch the sun set into Lake Nakuru, enjoy the crispy air, listen to the birds flutter as they embark to their nests, and of course enjoy the company of one another. Sadly, we did not get to experience this.

Later in the evening we had our dinner and everyone retired to bed quite early so as not have a problem getting up in the a.m.

Day 2: Soysambu Conservancy and Lake Elementaita.

The day had a lot of activities lined up, the unique Camel Safari being the highlight. The Camel Safari is a fascinating experience where visitors get to explore the Soysambu Conservancy on guided camels organized by Mbweha Camp. The activity is best done very early in the morning. This saw us waking up quite early so that we could start our excursion by 6.00a.m.

Soysambu conservancy offers a natural sanctuary of fauna and a great variety of wildlife. Safety measures have been put in place to ensure that all those who indulge in this are quite safe as they view the wildlife. The experience is exhilarating and it was a first to have heard and experienced a wildlife tour on the back of a camel! The best thing about the ride is that it is organized very early in the morning, so no need to worry about the scorching sun in the course of the day. However, be sure to wear warm clothes as it gets really cold

We took about an hour to get to Lake Elementaita, the home to pelicans, stroks and flamingos, Β greeted by thousands of rosy pink flamingos standing up to 150cm high! It was such a beautiful sight to behold!

At 9 a.m., we drove back to a designed eating area next to Elementaita for a bush breakfast, spoiled to a buffet of beverages, eggs, pancakes, sausages, baked beans, cereals, toasted bread, just to mention a few courtesy of Mbweha Camp. While at it, we indulged in talk on our not only unique but also luxurious camel ride after which, we enjoyed a game drive in the Safari vehicles. The reserve was teaming with dozens of wildlife: zebras, baboons, giraffes, impalas, gazelles and families of warthogs.

12.30 am had us heading back to the Camp, for a short break. We all dived into a relaxing mood before having our lunch at 2.00pm, again spoilt to a variety of delicacies. In the afternoon, we indulged in different activities. While some of us opted to sleep, others went for a swim, others went for a nature walk, and others bummed at the lounge and bar to catch up. Basically, it was a perfect moment to forget about the hustle and bustle of the city, and take some time to relax. An environment that the camp has outdone itself to achieve. We settled for a swim at the luxurious pool. Upon request, we were treated to a cup of coffee, after our swim which we downed at the verandah of our cottage as we resonated with nature.



The facility organized our night game drive from 7.00pm for thirty minutes, around Mbweha Camp and later a bush dinner. Surrounded by the sounds of natural beauty, we drifted off to sleep in our cozy rooms thereafter.

Day 3: The Departure.

Time flies! This marked the end of our stay at Mbweha camp. We had our breakfast at the dining area. Checking out at 10.30 am, we could attest that our visit was satisfactory. Our expectations were met and we would urge you to add Mbweha Camp onto your bucket lists. The highlight of our visit was the Camel Safari and the continental style cuisine that caters to a variety of dietary.

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For more information on the camp and its rates, read our previous blog post. Also, visit their website (https://www.atua-enkop.com) or email the administration on @atua-enkop.com or bookings@atua-enkop.com or marketing@atua-enkop.com.

Also, you can connect with them on Instagram @mbwehacamp.

We attribute this post to the administration of Atua Enkop luxury Camps, who were our official sponsors. Much appreciation for such an extraordinary experience.

Article by Esther Opiyo (@ess_opiyo on Instagram.)

Photography by Miano photography (@mianophotography on Instagram.)