The most beautiful thing in the world is the world itself.

25th, April 2018 marked the day our blog was created and we are super stoked to share with you our journey. The years that have been have come with great accomplishments and strides. We appreciate each of you who read, follow, comment or show your support in any way. Before we get into our journey and our experiences as travel bloggers, let us digress a little.

We have been nominated for the BAKE AWARDS 2018! This is a Bloggers Association of Kenya Awards which recognizes and awards exceptional Kenyan Bloggers in different categories. We are so humbled by this opportunity and exposure. We have been nominated under the travel and adventure bloggers category and we’d like to request you, who has not voted for us yet to take a minute and do so. It is an ABC affair and below are the steps:

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3. Enter your names and phone number. The number MUST be a Safaricom Number. Please key it in as instructed
4. We have been placed in the 15th category. Select
5. A verification code will be sent to your phone. Key it in. Scroll down and verify that you are not a robot by answering a math question.
6. Submit. Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email.

Moving on..
We get excited when we think about how far our blog has come from day one and how far it will be in the next few years, say 5 years? There is a lot of beauty in our country to see, that to experience it on our own without sharing for the world to see would be a fault. To travel is to share. We believe it that way. Evidently, the most we can do when we travel is to advocate the beauty we have experienced. We are driven by the desire to soar the tourism sector.

In honor of this anniversary, here are some of the feats and notable memories we have had in the past two years.


However, the most rewarding feat that counts most to us is not the recognition that we have garnered this far, but the people who this blog is tailored for- our ardent readers, family, friends and fellow adventurers. You have turned out to be our support system and have continually fueled our desire to travel and blog.

Honestly, there are times where we have felt like downing our tools and giving up on this dream in order to focus on our studies and careers, but we cannot. It is all because of YOU, our audience. We cannot pause or stop having it at the back of our minds that there are readers waiting for updates, or individuals scoping for answers concerning their chosen destination. Therefore, today we offer our gratitude to all you and mostly to our Supreme Being for the journey mercies, provision and divine connections.

Here is what traveling and adventure does: It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all the familiar comfort of family and friends. Hence, thank you fellow travelers who we have met along the way, Keitan Safaris and his entire group of travelers, among others who are living their dream of conquering domestic tourism and those who are still on their way like us and Qillian Saiya, who has stood in the gap for us most times in the absence of Yasmine. You have all been an inspiration.

Article written by Viola and Yasmine.