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We are two close friends Viola Khalwali and Yasmine Munsika , 21 year old travel and adventures Kenyan bloggers. We have been visiting different destinations, here in Kenya, as a hobby and before we even realised, it had become something we really enjoyed doing. We had begun by posting photos and videos of our little, but thrilling adventures on our social media accounts and realised that many of you are actually interested in knowing more about the places we visit.

It is obvious that most people, especially the youth, like to hang out in restaurants. Well, for the two of us, as much as we really enjoy  hanging out in restaurants, we are just a little bit different. We opted, and very much enjoy not to do the cliché but instead hang out in places that people don’t know about, are rarely visited, or considered boring and shady. We therefore decided to create this website to reach out to people and the highlight of it is the fact that our posts will be detailed enough to provide you with numerous destinations far from normal, which are fun and interesting in Kenya for you and your friends, best friends, spouse or family to visit, hold birthdays, picnics, explore together on top of many other things you could possibly do.

Our website is also more of a way of promoting domestic tourism. There’s a lot to see here! Thus, our theme for this website is, APPRECIATING KENYA. One question to ask would be why travel all the way to see The Burj Khalifa when you haven’t even been to The KICC. Yes, of course it is the world’s tallest building and perhaps maybe far much more interesting than the KICC but why not start by promoting the tourism industry in Kenya before focusing on other countries. It’s only reasonable for a Kenyan to visit the Maasai Mara first before going all the way to Australia to see a kangaroo. Maasai Mara is a home for the lions which most foreigners save up for quite some time to come and see. So why would a Kenyan go look for the same thrill elsewhere?

We acknowledge the fact that maybe enough has not been done by the tourism industry in Kenya to promote domestic tourism, and that most focus goes into promoting international tourism. Maybe this is why most Kenyans do not have any ideas or perhaps many ideas on amazing places to visit right here in Kenya. It has also not been easy for us to figure out our next destination especially because we rarely do the same thing twice when we are together, and that is why, based on our experience, we have taken it upon ourselves, as stated earlier, to promote domestic tourism on top of what the Kenyan tourism industry is doing and perhaps also create a platform where people from other countries may come across this website and get several ideas on where to visit when they visit Kenya and hence also promoting international tourism.
Perhaps you would like to be a domestic tourist but you have no clue of where to start. We have created this website to save you the trouble.

We’ve got you!


  1. Hello ladies,

    It’s always such a pleasure to come across an activity blog that I didn’t know about. Went through all your articles and found them quite interesting (I had totally forgotten about the Panari Ice Rink). It’s always great to see blogs reaching out to Kenyans about all the fun things one can do in Nairobi and further afield even on a modest budget.

    Keep up the good work and look forward to coming across your future articles. Lets get more people out there!

    Happy trails,


  2. Hey lovelies,

    Words can’t deeply express how we fellow Kenyans feel about this blog venture. We are proud of you and wishing you the very best as you continue to educate us on the many scenery that we are yet to explore. We truly live in an exicting and beautiful world. 🙂

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